Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making of props for White Queen project

Images above shown one on the left is the earliest sketch I have made before finalising and the one on the right is the second look as part of the project that I want to photographed in this white themed project.

As I mentioned earlier, you can see this was based on the initial sketch design that I try to make but yet I feel not very satisfying although i initially do want to have the net eye brows to add and give the oddness as what I want to portray.

So, to remove the oddness that I think its something above my technical skills and makeup artists do think I should change. In the end I've decided to make it simpler by removing the net eyebrows, cut two holes where will the eyes be at. Thus, it is easier for the eyes to open as the net material I chose is elastic and stretchy. I don't her eyes facing difficulties to give the right eye contacts without eye lids being stretched or pulled.

As for the crown, I doubt you should know what is the material I am using to make the front of the crown. And the necklace too. Stay tuned to see more progress =)

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