Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My first handmade recyclable figurine done!! YAY

I am "proud" to present you... (lolz)
My first handmade recyclable figurine.

yaya.. i know its not as nice as those standard good quality smooth surface figurines selling outside, i also wish i can do that.. but becoz of time and works.. i just try to complete coz this project already delayed so long.. so i wanna complete fast..

I chose gold in the end after all that color choice tests because I want to make it look powerful, strong, and valuable. But at the same time black, shows the opposite of gold in some way, darkness, empty.. black hole etc.. so its imperfect, incomplete. With the name I gave him " Star Chaser" will explain more on why i chose these colours in the end, means he is chasing the star(dream) and haven't got it yet, so the journey continues..

I did sprayed a layer of spray mount as I thought can make the figurine glossy or shinny, but in the end , turn out nothing happen but make the figurine a bit sticky >.<>

Do comments and critiques .

Monday, January 18, 2010

My first handmade soft toy

this is the ear i sewing that time follow the paper piece i drew to cut the size
this is the nose that cut according the size but i drew the nose a bit long when fold together.. sigh got error but its my first time, got more to learn HAHA.

tell u one thing, i actually wanna make a tiger soft toy for my cousin who came from Canada for vacation. But failed to make it as you can see so obviously HAHHA

Materials are from the old clothes my family had threw out in a plastic bag and i use it and sponges from my sister that she used for her project last time but no longer using anymore.
So, its consider reuse / recycle , good huh?LOLZ comments and critiques are welcome.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Working in Progress

You must be wondering why got gold and orange together? Because Gold colour paint a bit hard to cover/ paint over white based colour or black will make the gold look darkish. And I remembered last time I did a colour meaning search in Google and it put gold under orange category. So, I thought using orange as based colour. Then, later paint the gold on top of it.
Still in progress... Ya, my colour choice changed...gold and black with a little dark orangie/red..

I hope other members are doing this as well=)