Friday, December 24, 2010

New update =)

Recently busy doing assignments, still haven't got the time to do any artworks for my own. Anyway, I am happy that i finally got a friend find me to do design for her business assignment. She want me to design a logo for her restaurant business assignment and her group gave the name called " Happy Season/s".
Here's the logo

Here's the mascots, each represent each season.

Below here are my Media Innovation / Advertising design assignment. The task is to choose a food product that sells in the supermarket and analyse the situation for the market place and SWOT. Then create and design a logo, tagline, voucher/coupon,  paper bag, packaging, 3d modelling and animation for the new product we created.
I chose instant noodle snack and named it Owlker which derived from Owl Rocker. Owl represents the night and rocker means the people who rock/work means night rocker which is my target audience. They are late night workers or study late night and also love midnight snack.

The tagline is " Taste the midnight rocker." which is a metaphor that midnight rocker is the snack food. Means with the midnight rocker (instant noodle snack), your night will be rocked by Owlker, away from the dull working overtime mood.

image above: My previously paper bag design.

My final design for the paper bag.

Thus, the paper bag design  which I chose the background with lines which reminds me or the notebook papers to shows like working or studying days where you need to drop things down, to bring closer to the target audience, at the same time, i put colorful circles with the pattern/texture of the noodle which also represent the shape of the food product and also the colours are to cheer the workers up from their dull working days. The thunders and the moon with stars gives the rocker mood and meaning to relate back to the night rocker concept. Because of target audience is urban workers and students, I added the city buildings. Thunder symbol also gives the meaning of the crispy noodle.

My 3D modelling of the instant noodle snack.

image above: My previously voucher design 

The voucher final design front and back.

the others still are in progress. wish me good luck =)