Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MI completed plywood

Assignment is about develop a statement you exist in this department and why you are worth to be remembered. and lecturer prefer just one main object/ subject and no human figure actually and must have meaning in the plywood and not just another beautiful graphical artworks...
C&C are welcomed...

Media Innovation Assignment 1

Remember last time i showed about my MI sketches/compositions? now this post is showing my classmates' plywood painting in progress...later got time i will post the completed plywoods..

Yuet Hee's painting..

this is Hee Yee Hui with her completed plywood, her works very neat.=)

this one is my one lor.... before and after... later only take eye level photo of it la... haha
hope you guys enjoy =) C&C are welcome =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cancer Patient

Illustrate the bitterness of a cancer patient....
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Funny thai ads

Photography Assignment

Finally done this assignment, its very very tough assignment to me, coz need to find nice place and must suits that the assignment requirements and yet need to try many times to get the nice shot... after i see all my photos i took for model photoshoot, i only realize, must really have a clear mind and patient n calm to take photos , so that you can think or find the right angle to take the photos.. i saw my photoshoots, especially for the Bukit Bintang photoshoot, i very rush snapping photos only... and din really think twice for the angle of the background... a bit regret.
But it was a very very nice experience, coz is my first time take photoshoot in public places with different environments.. it really encourages me to be a little more brave to shoot photos on crowded place without caring how people staring at...if can I really wanna try again!! to take better pics

other than that, taking the waterfall shoot in Bukit Apeh, Ampang. Really another tiring experience , especially climbing on the mountain to search the waterfall in the deep jungle, and i had a lot of sweat, exhausted, but looked back, its very nice to sweat so much since its very very long time i din really sweat so much until i look like been to swimming. 'cause busy with coursework can really make u store all the toxic without sweating them out from exercises...

after this assignment, it really do grow my interest in photography when i see the end products( photos) but also bring frustration and hate when you din get the nice shot after u spent the whole day and time to take the photos.

New Experience for me

After taking photography class for the course i am studying, I learnt more new things and gained a lot of fun and taste of being a beginner photographer.
my camera is Canon 400D, not really mine, can say is my sister's one coz she took photography class before, and now i borrowed and use, after learning photography, i feel like wanna own one in future and take it as my side/part time job hahaha... IF i am skillful enough, i know not now, i still lame yet compare to professional ones...
Today, I'm posting my talent a.k.a. model photos, the choosen ones or the favourite ones.
Feel free to comment nor critique, enjoy!

Model: My sister (Eva Lim)
more pics to come.. soon

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Recyclable materials

Here some recyclable materials that i collected and don't know whether any of you wanna use it for the recycle challenge/task =) if yes , tell me cause if not I will take it to the recycle center.

this one i got a lot
i got two of these without cover

plenty of paper cups

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Photography

Just started using Canon 400D camera to take photos..and practicing still, and still got many photos i havent edit or resize yet.. so temporary got photos i took from a month ago..later if got time only update in photobucket..>>

C&C are welcome in facebook or here haha