Monday, July 30, 2012

Handmade Bow Tie 3

This time I spent more efforts on  detailing the bow tie and still remain to my passion on using recyclable, used materials. I chose garbage bag cut into stripes and weave them. I used the beverage card packaging material like from the fruit juice product card container/soy bean card container to make the triangular shapes and form the bow tie shape.


For the packaging box of the bow tie I made as a present box for my birthday friend, I reuse a used car box and mounted/stick one layer of newspaper as it is what I picture for the box. I added doodles and my logo. I drew the triangle with an eye on the box is not only matching the bow tie details and also is a symbol  of unambiguity

Handmade Glasses

My third time making a glasses where this time I have put much more effort and improvement on the glass than my previous ones. I added a simple touch on design by having little 3 stripes at side to gives a sporty kind of feel and this glasses is much bigger than the previous ones which is bigger size like a goggle just for experimenting and fun. Added a plastic shade as lens. The whole glasses frame is made by newspaper with PVA glue, metal strings and little bit of polystyrene I got it from the take away food container.

The image above was my first time handmade spectacles without plastic/lens on it and its fragile.It's only polystyrene and newspapers with PVA glue made. Then painted with mural paint.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Big Birthday Cake Card

This is an old birthday card i made for my partner's birthday, I eventually spent almost RM70 (kind of expensive to me but its worth for making someone happy) for printing this in A2 size paper and paste on a card board if I didn't remember wrong. When the card opens up, it forms a chocolate 3 storey cake with his friends printed on card standing on the cake.