Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making of props for White Queen project

Images above shown one on the left is the earliest sketch I have made before finalising and the one on the right is the second look as part of the project that I want to photographed in this white themed project.

As I mentioned earlier, you can see this was based on the initial sketch design that I try to make but yet I feel not very satisfying although i initially do want to have the net eye brows to add and give the oddness as what I want to portray.

Rabbit Spoon Holder

This is not something I recently made but something I have missed out on posting it here.Ops! my bad haha. Anyway, can you guess what does the bunny body is made of? Of course you know that ears are the Chinese pattern table spoons.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sketch for Upcoming Photoshoot Project

Sorry for the long delay of updates on my blog, recently have been busy managing and revamping my blogs. Yes I have a few blogs. Here's a very rough sketch of the look and feel and makeup concept that I want to do for my next project working with my makeup artist friend and hairstylist.

I ended up didn't spend too much time tidying the painting and lines, just roughly do as I just wanna use this to show my partners the idea. And also, because i thinking if this going to be the masterpiece, then I might as well not turn it into photoshoot. So I pay less attentions to the details. I also do notice my painting and drawing skills dropped after long time absence on drawings.

But overall, I still do not want to disappoint myself too much and also my readers and spoilt the standard and image of being an artist. I still ended up trying to make it look presentable.  I hope I did. What do you think?

Below is just a clearer version to show how the makeup I want it to be to my makeup artist and hairstylist. Wish me good luck!