Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Digital Portrait

I know viewers might get bored for seeing many times of showing digital portrait. But I have to show it, because its my first time do digital portrait! haha.. you gotta give me a chance to show off LOLZ.. kidding.

Anyway, the reason why I do this is because I remember I said the aim is to learn from each other of the skill that each member good at. Thus, its my time to learn to try do digital portrait from Takeshi's influence and inspirations. Therefore, here is it. I know I didn't follow exactly, fully the whole image of the original photo, especially the hair and clothes as I not that good and i also prefer to manipulate them a little since I am not strong as in copying skill/photocopy skill.
Comments and critiques are greatly welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Motive Design

Weee~~ Finally, officially, completely, truly, really, finished my this semester and done my last assignment. Our Media Innovation Assignment is to do Motive Design, designing mural wallpaper for different environments which given 5 of them and we need to design 3 of them in abstract form. and cannot use any recognizable objects in it but just simple shapes combine together. And when we look at it, we can feel and know what's this motive design belong to.
There's 5 of them which are, Biochemistry Lab, Zoological Park, Astronomical Observatory Complex, Sport Complex and Archeological Museum. And below are the ones I chose. and hope u all enjoy and do comments or critiques. Thanks. Merry Christmas Eve

Monday, December 14, 2009

After weeks result

After weeks I have been busying doing assignments and this is my another assignment that almost done. It's a group assignment and is done by adobe director 11.5. Kind of hard to do animations compare to flash software. But it ok to use once you get used to it and you will be able to produce your own game or educational applications. Here's some screenshots I snapped to share to you all after long time of no updates. C&C are welcome!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Make ur own t-shirt: Tutorial

to see more details or more DIY tutorial, can view their website > http://blog.makezine.com/podcast/

Plane stupid

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Assignment Batik Logo/Paperbag

the paper bag din spend more time on the research and sketches.. so its just simply done.. ugly right?i know hahaha and the paper bag is self made based on the format that lecturer gave..

I wanna show different cultures in malaysia as we have 3 main races, Indian, Malay and Chinese. Thus, i try to blend the 3 different culture in with the patterns. And using Malaysia flag's colours ( red, blue and yellow) to fill in the logo. The traditional mask looking logo is to give more asian feel's and promote asian's traditional art which inspired me.

The Hibiscus flower is Malaysia's national flower. So, I blend in together as well.
I spent most of the time on the logo research and sketches. Thus, I did well on the logo but sucks at the paper bag design. LOLZ..

Comments and critiques are greatly welcome and peace out!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Logo Design Assignment

Before I start to talk about my logo sketches, I would give a brief introduction or theory I heard from lecturer about designing logo.

Logo must be:
distinctive /unique
rafted in good aesthetics
add value and meaning
to illuminate
to clarify
persuade or amuse

But soemtimes design logo can be very subjective because we saw before some logo did not fulfill the all the things i stated above, so depends on you
Color choices also limited to three colour choices to use on the logo

There are 4 types of logo:
Workmark Logo ( Text only)
Lettermark Logo(abbreviation + image)
Brandmark Logo (Image only)
Iconic Logo (Image and Text)
Combo Logo

Below are the sketches for one of the assignments that I have been busying doing which is design a Malaysian International Batik Exposition logo.

I try to blend the "canting" tool with flower petals together, to represent batik with the canting tool.

this is just a simply sketch and lecturer somehow like the idea of this...and persuade me to study further on this

Lecturer also like the idea of Rafflesia to represents Malaysia and the postive and negative patterns played on the petals to represents batik.. but i not planning to use this yet because other student have the same idea of using rafflesia...

this is more on fantasy like, feel, but lecturer said I put too much things blend together.. u will find this logo is illusion kind of logo.. got Hibicus, got 2 fishes and also a butterfly.. the reason I did that way is too show different cultures found in Malaysia as we have different races. The fish is somewhat represents the chinese as they like this kind of fishes which i forgot the name. Gold fish? i think.. and Hibicus represent Malaysia and Butterfly can represent Malay batik..and the colour choices is like a mixture or 3 races (red = chinese, yellow = indian, blue = malay?) =.="

this one is my first idea of the logo .. but seems not very batik enough as I actually wanna try to make it look more modern way of batik.

C&C are welcome.


Thursday, November 19, 2009


The first image is my new piece of work hope you all enjoy, done by playing with slow shutter speed and exercise myself with moving the torch light and edit colours and here this is it =)

check out more abt photography on Chik Cak² Manual Station

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pipit 3rd Anniversary Exhibition

date : 7th November 2009
venue : Annexe , Central Market KL
time : 1.00pm ~ 8.00pm

This time exhibition mainly selling handmade soft toys and exhibit the independent artists' abstract and yet beautiful artworks. They also introduced a Malaysian cultural dance, Indian dance.