Monday, February 1, 2010

Photoshoots of Star Chaser

(am i very free now? NO but addiction to take photos and make handcraft stuff.. need to focus on study now >.<)

Recycle Old Clothes Project

this is an old pants that my mum already cut off half of it and left it here. Thus, I think of using it to make a box to keep my shade glasses.
and I cut out corner pieces of these polystyrene food containers that I collected from buying meat in supermarket. I have two of these and used to combine together to form a box then sew the cloth pocket to put the polystyrene in to form a solid box shape to protect the glasses.

and I decorate it by sewing my name on it ^_^"
then button on the back
anyway, my sewing skill still noob and the lines are untidy. Comments and Critiques are welcome.=) any new ideas are welcome =)