Sunday, April 17, 2011

Panda and Raccoon

Hello, recently still very busy with works and this is something extra that i have just completed the sketches of few kinds of pandas and raccoons.

Wanting to have time to make a comic of these two cartoon characters.
So, I need your help. Tell my among all these, which one of them you like the most and why? also which pair of these two character you like the most? and have to choose the one that you think its special. if none of here you find it special or unique then i might as well continue doodle more XD

Friday, April 1, 2011

Directory sign board design assignment

Hello! long time no update recently. I was busy doing assignments and some other outdoor activities.
This semester my class have this subject called environmental design which is for study about design exhibition stage and some sign board design, so will learn about some architecture stuff such as using their tools to design  draw accurately the stage or the standing board, etc.

below are the images of my final chosen design for directory in mall. 

the outline sketch with measurement planned well.

the outline digital form

after revision and further reference, changes are made.

this is the final design here. and the human figure beside it shows how big is the directory is.

 this is my first attempt to make the model mock up but my cutting skill and the sticking them together did not executed nicely. So, I didn't use this one.

After further developing the design and playing with texturing, patterns, I plan to redo the mock up with one different material added in which is the semi transparent color plastic card.

Done! but my cutting skill still bad hahaha.
Some of my working in progress handcraft.