Sunday, October 30, 2011

HELLO! its been very long while....

Hey!!, its been a very long while for not updating my blog. I have been working as intern for 3 months and came back to new semester in university after internship. Today just going to update you guys with my old assignment work which have been done 4 months ago. Looking back my old works made me feel that i am so silly with all those silly mistakes and amateur works done by me.
These are my assignment print ad designs that were made before my internship, Sorry if there's any alignment problem or any amateur color choice.

I used metaphor idea to describe the orphans like the small little stones on the ground being kick around or thrown, abandoned as no one cherish it. But stones are used to build houses which means everyone here do have values, have their worthiness. So, we should also help them to succeed their dreams by providing the guide and education.

 This was describing the tagline message which is "Embrace.Encourage.Educate" using a paper airplane folding steps.Embrace means to take, receive and accept, to adopt. To me , accept can be shown through the gesture of hug or arms. Then i thought of the paper airplane folding steps, there's one is fold inwards, that gesture gives me the feeling of embrace, hug or let in. Encourage with the hands open up the wings of the paper airplane is sort of gesture of encouraging the airplane(orphan) to fly. Lastly, the educate with the hand of throwing paper airplane to fly is showing us how to fly with the hand ready to throw the plan up and foward.

I guess this is more directly deliver the message by the visual. So, i do not need to explain this one =)

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