Sunday, February 19, 2012

Handmade Bowtie

Hello, I finally have made some time for myself and hand made a bow tie based on looking at one bow tie i had and self customize and stylized it. I bought a stainless steel buttons from Daiso and put the cloth clamped  and covered outer surface of the button. I made this for valentine day. =) Hope you all like it and gave comment. The cloth I get is from unwanted clothes and unwanted cloth from manufacturer.=) The string attached around the bow tie with a colored blue and white stripes around it serve as holder for longer, excess length of the string for adjustable two sizes for the neck thickness =). Anyway, the button I sew on wasn't really user friendly as I tried to wear them but still usable.

 The size of this bow tie I made is slightly bigger compare to the orginal formal black bow tie i got from Daiso in order to match the proportion or keep proportionate to the big round button at the center. I hope you guys like it and I will further experiment on sewing bow tie or relevant ones.

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