Sunday, May 8, 2011

The spirit of Wushu

Recently, I have been busy working on my painting assignment for more than a week. I have been sleeping late or sleep around 1 am then woke up at 4am to continue finish this painting fast to meet due date. Very tiring.
I won't say i did very great, fine job, but I at least had experience painting something so complex on third quarter of my height canvas size within one and a half week time.

Self mixing the colors was good experience for trial and error but also tiring to force myself keeping the spirit to continue working to finish it.

The composition study process
This painting assignment process need to do research of gathering the wushu photos then combine to form a composition and manipulate them with different effects. 

After few consultations,  lecturer finally choose this composition as final to be painted.

a brief artist statement I made for this painting.

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