Saturday, February 9, 2013

The making of the props of "The White Queen" + Butterflies Hat

After done making the crown and the necklace, you can refer back to these two links if you like to have a look back on the crown:

After done the crown and necklace, I got contacted by a friend asking whether I would like to buy some feather from her to make props or accessories since I have big passion in making them. I decided to buy and make a shoulder wear with feathers to match the White Queen theme. I bought 100 feathers.  I measure and sketch the shoulder sleeve cutting based on a cheongsam of my sister who also is the model for this photoshoot. I followed the cutting and customised them into shorter sleeves. I hand sew them with a adjustable cross lines at the back which can be attached or detached. Then, I bought a RM5 fabric glue to stick the feather which is the tedious part of the process. I iron the feathers one by one to flatten and straighten the feathers. Then I stick them one by one, one row at a time and wait them dry.  

After I am done with sticking the feathers on the cloth, I only realised not enough feathers to cover the whole shoulder wear cloth with feather, So I decided to handmake fake studs from material that I got from drink/beverage's container packaging, the sliver water proof cardboard. I use the sliver surface as the outer surface and the printed surface as inner surface to be glued and covered as shown like the image above.

I guess the more detailed the design you want to do, the more tedious works you have to do when comes to handmaking them or handcraft.

And the final outcome on the photoshoot day....

Tada!  What do you think? I hope the photos surprises you =)
If you interested to see more photos of the White Queen, you can click here .

Wondering how about the Butterflies hat that I've made earlier?

Good? Nice? Bad? I also need to special thanks to makeup artist and hairstylist who are Grace Wong and Genneve Tai from Estilo Academy for helping me on the makeup and hairstyle. Without them, this vision will not be real. =)

To see more photos of glittering butterflies, click here

More photos behind the photography session:
The model, Eva Lim. We actually not just shooting the White Queen and butterflies hat themes only! This is one of the 5 different looks captured on that day. Check out more:

From left top, Grace Wong, Eva Lim, Genneve Tai and me at bottom left.

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