Monday, December 17, 2012

Progress update

Dear panda head, I wish I can complete you with a snap of my fingers! Wonder when can I completely done with it. I still need to make raccoon head which haven't start at all! I guess I need to draw more Daccoon episodes at the mean time.

On the other hand, I am continuing making the second look which is the butterflies look as I have mentioned in the previous post. This is pretty time consuming work, I was cutting out all the butterflies with two different sizes from the recyclable card board from drink container such as fruit drinks, or soya bean drink container, hope you get what I mean.

Pasted one layer of used/printed one sided white paper on the side of the cardboard which have prints on as I want the butterflies to have just the sliver side and the white paper covered side. Then, I sprayed them with spray mount to allow the sliver glittering dusts stick on them. Better make sure you have good air ventilation in your room because it does smells while doing this process. After dried, spray one more transparent aerosol spray layer as it serves as a lamination or protection and remove the sticky function from spray mount which have on the butterfly shaped cards.

Next, i sew them on a black net hat which I made from a duct tape and potatoes container net which you can find it from supermarkets. But before you use them, make sure its clean.  

This was a snap photo of me trying out the hat which was halfway attaching them to the net

Test wear shots were taken after finishing them, sorry for the messing looking because its a test wear! I was thinking a big frizzy dry dyed wigs need to put on her to make the crown look proportionate to her head. And adjustment were made on the second look of the net with flowers on I have added a plastic card nose bridge triangular shape attached to the net. And the butterflies hat need to slowly adjust each butterfly on her head without looking messy and can be seen and recognised the butterfly shape (hopefully) which was something like shown below.

The photoshoot project maybe postponed to January or February due to not meeting a perfect schedule date for all of us to do the photoshoot together, make up artist, hair stylist, model/ my sister and I.

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